Love binding spells chants


Do you want to bond your love? use my love binding spell chants. These are very fast working love rituals if performed under my guidance, you will be able to make your love life stronger. Is there little romance in your relationship/marriage? Do you want your partner o love only you and to banish other competitors who want to take your partners to love. Stop them using this powerful black magic rituals. Love should be for eternity where you should never leave you, partner. Call prince Zayn the powerful love spell caster who will help you solve all your love issues.

How to perform love binding spell chants at home

More so to perform this love binding spell chants at home you will need the following ingredients;

  • A piece of paper
  • rose flowers
  • candles and pictures of your partner

Additionally, you should find somewhere quiet to do this spell. Organize an altar in a sacred room. get a piece of paper and write down what you want the spell/ritual to affect your partner. That is the qualities of a good lover.

Further still, light up the candles and begin chants the following words;

” To the gods of the earth, sea, and air I would like to bond the power of love, let the rivers of love flow from my heart to my partner till eternity. I beg for romance and passion in our relationship. Clear all the temptations in our love life forever. so mote it be”

Finally seal the paper with qualities and wait for the results in 72 hours. Your love will be forever bonded by the powerful love rituals you have just performed. call me for help if its giving you hard time.

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